Things To Do And Prepare Before Going Back To School 2021

School/college/university, it is starting again! Starting a new study year can feel quite overwhelming. How do you have to prepare as a student? What do you have to buy, what needs to be done before you are back studying. The summer holiday gives enough time to slowly do some things to prepare optimally and start with a good feeling in September. In this article, I will list the most important things to do and prepare before going back to school.

Set goals for the study year

Setting goals increases productivity, as you work towards something, which gives motivation. Setting goals also gives more structure and therefore discipline in our life. These goals can be related to anything you want, not only studying, but these could also be financial, exercise, life in general related. If you would like to read more on setting goals, you could read this article.

Set up your planner / calendar

Make a planning for the whole year in a big calendar and write down the most important dates; birthdays, exam dates, dates when the term or semester ends and when a term or semester is ending etc. This gives a nice structure and overview of how your year is going to be. 

Optional: Set up Notion

Notion is a very popular website and app to create planners, lists and notes in all kind of templates. It helps you as a student with organizing and structuring your busy study life. I would certainly recommend starting to use it! 
I already wrote a few articles on Notion; on how to set up and use Notion, the best templates on Notion for students and aesthetic notion templates.

Go shopping for stationary!

The fun thing of a new study year, go shopping for everything you need. If you start at university, college or high school, this can feel quite overwhelming. What do you need to buy? I find this article of collegeinfogeek very useful, in which everything, but really everything is listed you need as a student.

Look at the study books

Which books do you need in the following year? Do you need to buy the books completely new? Can you borrow them from another student? Are they available online? Look at this online and see what you can do. It is good to already have the books and save this stress during the year.

Look at the course guides

It is possible the course guides are not available yet, but you never know. If they are available and you find the time, you can already look through them to prepare in advance on what your courses are going to be like, how difficult they are going to be and maybe if you need to buy a book or something else. 

Make your computer clean

Something that all of us, or maybe it is just me, do, is procrastinating cleaning your computer. Okay, pictures and documents everywhere, but you will take care of that later. Now is later! Throw away everything you do not need (anymore) to create enough space for the following year. And if you find time, do the same thing for your phone. Delete the apps you have not used in forever (you know there are a few) and throw away photos without any meaning. 

Make your desk clean and throw away stuff

Okay, you have a clean computer and phone, but eventually you will sit behind your computer on your desk. So, clean this as well. I know, it is a boring task, but it has to be done at some point. Again, throw away stuff you do not need and put your pretty-looking, newly bought stationary on it. 

Look for new study methods 

Look at the study methods you used last year, did they work well? How could you improve them? Look at the internet for new study methods that you can try out in the new year, maybe they work surprisingly well! Here I listed some of the best and active (instead of passive) study methods. 

Set up a study playlist

Let’s move to something more fun; creating a study playlist! Put together all your favorite songs to listen to while studying into one list. Search for some nice new music. If you want some inspiration for your study music and check out my study music playlists, you might like this article.

Make your backpack clean and throw away stuff

We all know it, your backpack is nice and clean at the beginning of the year, but at the end you have thrown all kinds of things in it and then forgot about it. Put your backpack upside down and make it as clean as possible. Then, already put some pencils and stuff in it to optimally prepare. To prepare even better, you can make a small pocket in which you put everything you would need in a crisis. 

I hope this list helps you while preparing for your new study year, good luck!




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