The Best Student Podcasts


Podcasts have become very popular over the last few years. You can listen them almost everywhere, anywhere, at any time you would like to. This popularity is reflected in the number of podcasts that are nowadays on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple podcast, YouTube, you name it. As there are all kinds of podcasts, there are also lots of podcasts useful for students on university, college or even high school. I will tell you the best podcasts for students on productivity, creating study habits, self-improvement and mental health as a student and earning money.

Podcasts on productivity

Boosting your productivity is something all students want, preferably every day. But it is easier said than done. These podcasts can help you with how to actually increase your productivity on a daily basis.

Getting things done

Getting things done is a popular business and interview podcast by David Allen (who also wrote a productivity book on it). His book and podcast are on many topics related to improving your time management; how to get more done in preferably less time by working more efficient? In these 100+ podcasts of tips and interviews, it is discussed.

The Tim Ferriss show 

In each episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, tricks, tools, habits and routines are discussed to increase your productivity and be more succesfull. Many succesful people have already been interviewed in these 500+ episodes, so there is enough to listen to!

The Productivityist Podcast

The productivityist podcast by Darren Virassammy is about creating techniques to study and work more effectively and therefore being more productive .

Extreme productivity with Kevin Kruse

Kevin Kruse discusses in his podcast how one can be more productive without getting overworked, in other words; how to find a balance in productivity?

Podcasts on creating (study) habits

Creating study habits is the key to being productive and disciplined, increasing the effectiveness of the study process and decreasing procrastination, as studying becomes more of a routine.

The habit coach

The habit coach is a podcast that can help you increase motivation to do more things by creating simple habits in your daily life. All podcasts are very short and fun to listen to, and uploaded on a regular basis.

Tiny leaps, big changes

The tiny leaps, big changes podcast is on creating personal development strategies to improve study habits on a daily basis so that you can reach your study goals and increase your daily productivity.

Grammer Girl

Creating certain habits while writing is really important; you as a student want to write your essays faster, but at the same time also want them to be high in quality. This podcast Grammer Girl can help you in writing better, improving your grammar, writing style, punctuation etc.

Podcasts on self-improvement and (mental) health

Looking after your mental and also physical health is important, also as a student. These are a few good podcasts on improving your self and health.

The college info geek podcast

Thomas Frank hosts the podcast the college info geek on how to be a more efficient student, get better grades, paying student loans and of course how to be more productive as a student.
I would also really recommend the college info geek website, which is full of useful articles for all students.

Adulthood made easy

Suddenly being a student (and later college graduate) and adult at the same time can be very overwhelming. The podcast adulthood made easy is about this transition in life, giving all kinds of tips on being in your twenties how not to feel (too) lost.

The science of happiness

Also as a student, prioritizing your mental health is very important. In the end, you would like to feel happy, despite all the work and stress school, college or university can give you. This podcast the science of happiness guides you on your mental health in a positive way in daily life.

Well now

Getting enough sleep, doing all your work, eat healthy, exercise, socialize, all at the same time, it can be difficult to do all of it (well) as a student. Well now is a podcast on how to balance everything in life, while prioritizing both your physical and mental health.

Podcasts on earning money as a student

Of course, while being in college or university, the focus is on studying. However, it is still nice to earn some money as a student. Those student loans will not pay themselves in the end, unfortunately. These podcasts are about student loans, making money as a student

The next level freelancing show

Freelancing can be a great way to earn some (extra) money, also a student. But where to start and what to do? This podcast, Next level level freelancing, can help you with that.

Listen money matters

Listen money matters is a podcast on how to become less stressed about money and student loans and eventually becoming financially free. Topics as investing, making some extra money, controlling your spending and much more is being discussed in this podcast.

Money for the rest of us

This podcast money for the rest of us is all about the money; how could you invest as a student, how does money actually work, student loans, your retirement, how to take care of your personal finance, how much should you be worried about money etc.

Side hustle school

Everyone wants to earn some extra money, and there are lots of ways to do that. Side hustle school has uploaded 1500+ podcasts about how to earn extra money in countless different ways on a daily basis.

Bad with money

The podcast of Gaby Dunn Bad With Money is a fun podcast on earning money, student loans and debt, buying success and lots more. There are short podcasts, long, interviews, tips; all is there!

If you would like to read more on tips on studying and education combined with forms of entertainment, you might like this article on my favourite Study YouTubers and Educational YouTube channels. 

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