The Best Notion Templates for Students 2021

Notion is a popular productivity app & website, that helps you as a workspace to organize your life. Notion is used a lot by students, as it is a free app and website, helping you to increase productivity. As Notion can feel a bit overwhelming with lots of possibilities and templates, the 11 most useful Notion Templates for students 2021 are listed here. These Notion templates can be duplicated so that you can use them yourself!

First of all, I wrote a separate article on how to set up and use Notion. If you want, you can read that here. 

Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda

This is a really good notion template for all students, as it gives you an overview of your whole week. You can write down the most important tasks of each day and the other things you have to do. In this way, you can prioritize what is needed to be done, and what you furthermore like to do. This template also provides some space for things you did not get done, so that you can do them next week.

Download Weekly Planner

If you prefer an old school, paper weekly to do list, click here

Daily To-Do List

Daily routine

Although a weekly planning is very useful, also the daily planning really helps to gives you an overview and increases productivity, as you have more structure of your day.

Download Daily Planner

If you prefer a daily planner on paper, click here

Month Overview and Month Goals

monthly goals

Setting goals increases productivity, as you work towards something, which gives motivation. Setting goals also gives more structure and therefore discipline in our life.

Download Month Overview and Month Goals 

If you want to read more on setting goals, you could read this article.

Class Notes

class notes

It is really convenient to keep your notes stored at one place. It is also very useful that you can immediately see what class the notes are from, the type, materials and when created.

Download Class Notes

Course / Monthly Planning

course planning

Apart of the daily and weekly planning, also a monthly planning is very useful for a good overview. In this month calendar, you can plan your courses to see directly what is expected of you that month.

Download Monthly / Course Planner

Course Schedule

course schedule

Of course, it a good to know what your course will look like; when do you have your exams, when are the deadlines, etc. This template is really useful for it, as it provides columns for the names of the period, dates, type and topic.

Download Course Schedule


Finance – Budgeting

finance - budgetting

Notion is also a good tool to keep your budgeting, if you do not like Excel for example. There are different notion templates for budgeting, but especially this template is a good one. As it is a monthly calendar, it gives a really good overview of your expenses and income that month; what is paid, what are the subscriptions, what are you spending on groceries, etc.

Download Personal Budgeting

Campus Life Organizer

campus life organizer

Campus life organizer is a template for all kinds of useful stuff to keep track off on college, like habits, budget, your goals, what you need to bring to college and job applications.

Download Campus Life Organizer


Student Resume

student resume

You are obviously studying, but also jobs should not be forgotten. Eventually, you are studying to get a job after. And of course, for student jobs a resume is often needed. This templates helps you with building your Student Resume.

Download Student Resume

Grade Calculator

grade calcutor

When you have multiple grades that count towards your final grade, is it very handy to have a tool that helps you with calculating. In this way, you can directly see how you did on your tests, exams, essays or assignments, what the weigthing was, and what you need to get to pass the course or get a certain grade.

Download Grade Calculator



Recommended Readings

recommended readings

Lastly, it is useful and fun to summarize books that you have to read for your university, or just for fun. With this template, you can list your favourite books and write down the key points you got from the books.

Download Recommended Reading

If you want some recommendations on the best books for students, you can read this article here

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