Studying Online with Strangers; What, How, Where?

Studying online with others/strangers can maybe feel a bit weird at the beginning, but it is actually a great way to increase your study motivation and productivity. To see other people studying makes you thinking ‘oh, I should also be studying right now and work hard’. Nowadays, there are some great tools to find online study buddies in study rooms on Zoom, Discord, Slack, YouTube and more. In this article, I will tell you the advantages of online study buddies and how to actually find those strangers to study along with online.

Why studying online with others?

More and more of the study process nowadays is taking place online, due to developments in technology and of course COVID-19. Although this certainty has benefits, as it saves travel time and provides more freedom, it also can be very boring to sit behind your computer all day long. Because of this dullness, studying online often requires more discipline and motivation to start and keep studying. Online study buddies can be a good solution for this.

It works the same as for example studying in the library, college, university, school, a cafe, or whatever. You see other people studying when you have to get work done yourself as well. By being surrounded with hard working people, you get motivated to study along with them and stop procrastinating and wasting your time. However, instead of actually seeing these people online, you see them on your computer. This is obviously different than actually being with other students, but it can still make you think; ‘these strangers study hard, I should do it too’.

How to study online with strangers?


Mooclab is a great tool to find a study buddy online. On this website you get matched with other study partners online. You can fill in the country you live in, the subject you are studying, your preferred language and timezone. With this information, Mooclab finds you the most fitting study buddies for you. The website also has the option of study groups . At this page you find lots of public and closed zoom meetings that you can easily join. In these groups, there are lots of people studying together and motivating each other. It is like a library, but then online. Lastly, Mooclab offers a useful search engine for open online courses.


StudyStream is a good tool to find focus study rooms on Discord and Slack to study with others. These rooms are open 24/7 for every student. There are different rooms for university students and high school students so that you can find study buddies like you. StudyStream also includes a leaderboard of the students who have studies the post in the focus rooms. In this way, you get extra motivated to study hard and boost your productivity.

YouTube: Live Study with Me’s – Study Livestreams


Study with me livestreams have been an increasing trend over the last few years. Nowadays, many students have been recording themselves while studying. You can put these videos on in the background and study along. In this way, you have an online, hard working study buddy, which can be very motivating.

Study Vibes

Heleen from Study vibes frequently streams live study with me’s and she was actually the first one to do this. Heleen is a very hardworking student and her study livestreams are usually between 8 and 10 hours. She has been doing this for quite some years, so there are also lots of old streams on her channel that you can use to study along.


Merve livestreams while studying 6 days a week, varying from 1 hour to 7 hours of studying. Besides the fact that her thumbnails look really nice, the livestreams itself are very calming and motivating to study hard.

Enrico Vincente

Enciro livestreams while studying almost every day and for quite a long time as well. Most of his livestreams are between 10 and 14 hours. As he does this almost every day, there are lots of hours of studying you can watch on his channel.

I hope this article gave you enough tips on finding others to study along with online! If you would like to read more on productive studying online (from home), you might want to read these tips.

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