Studying Online with Celebrities, K-Pop Idols, BTS: What, How, Where?

Studying online with others has become very popular. K-Pop idols, especially BTS, have become very popular. Therefore it makes sense that these two are now combined; a website and YouTube videos have been created on which you can study along with K-Pop idols! In this article I tell you all about what it is, how you can study along and where.

Why studying online with others?

I have written a few articles on studying online with others and strangers before. As it also can be very boring to sit behind your computer all day long and studying online often requires more discipline and motivation to start and keep studying, studying online with others/strangers and finding a study buddy online can be a good solution. You can do this through the websites Mooclab, Studystream or online study with me YouTubers, like Study Vibes, Merve and Enrico Vincente. 

Okay, studying online with others and strangers could be very motivating and therefore boost your productivity. But, if you are a fan of K-Pop, this could be even more fun watching K-Pop idols, among which BTS, studying. Studying along with them makes your study process both more productive and enjoyable.

Studying online with K-Pop Stars

That being said, how to actually study online with K-Pop Idols / BTS? There are two options for you, either to study along with them on the website LifeAt, or to watch study with me (BTS) videos on YouTube.

Website: LifeAt to study with K-Pop Idols

LifeAt is a website on which virtual study spaces for everyone worldwide are created to study online with others on Zoom. These could be strangers, but also celebrities, mainly K-Pop celebrities. The tab celebrity on the website has several pre-recorded livestream videos on Zoom of K-Pop Idols on which you can study online with them. There are livestream videos of BTS, Blackpink, NCT, Tomorrow X Together and Stray kids, so you have enough choice.

Study with BTS on YouTube

Fans have made several videos on YouTube in which you can study along with all seven BTS stars. These videos are varying between 1 to 5 hours and of course YouTube has a replay button, so there is more than enough video material for you to study along with BTS. The best videos to study with the K-Pop stars in my opinion are listed here:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

So, I have given you all the information and possibilities on study along with K-pop Idols. Here you can read more about online study rooms with strangers to motivate you to study, if you like.

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