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Watching study (with me) YouTubers increases your study motivation and makes you actually want to study. Of course, it is also a form of procrastination; watching other people study instead of studying yourself. But still, it can be very motivating to see how productive other people are and thereby giving your own productivity a boost.
Also educational YouTube channels can be very useful. Learning stuff by watching videos is often way more fun than just reading a text. I will share my favorite study YouTubers that I have been watching frequently over the past few years and I will also tell you some great educational youtube channels.

My Favorite Study (with me) YouTubers


Jade is a British university student and Study YouTuber. She studies at a new university, called Minerva. Special about Minervia is that the students study in a different country every term. Watching Jade studying abroad and her experiences is very interesting. Furthermore, she is a very positive and hard working person, and I always find her study attitude very motivating. When I was in the last year of high school, she was as well, and watching her videos on studying for exams and exam experiences made me studying harder for my own exams as well.

Study Vibes

Heleen from Study vibes frequently streams live study with me’s. This means that she recordes herself while studying live and you can watch this and study along. Having a (online) study buddy can work very motivating to start and keep studying yourself. Heleen is a very hardworking student and her study livestreams are usually between 8 and 10 hours.  Study with me livestreams have been an increasing trend over the last few years, but she was the first person to actually start it. Nowadays, many students have been recording themselves while studying, but my favorite live study with me is still Study Vibes.

Ruby Granger

Ruby Granger is also a British study YouTuber and student at the Exeter University. She is well known for being very productive and structured, especially in her morning routines and long study days (+ 10 hours!). Very inspiring is her attitude towards studying; she really enjoys it and uses it as much as possible as an opportunity to grow as a person. Ruby is only a few days younger than me and watching her study journey over the years has been very interesting, as she finished high school and started university the same year as me. I really admire her ability to concentrate for a long time without getting distracted. Once in a while rewatch her old study with me videos to increase my study motivation.

Ways to Study

Ways to study is probably one of the biggest study channels on YouTube and Instagram. The channel is full of very useful videos on how to increase productivity, study effectively, study vlogs, making good planners, etc. The videos really make you want to study, as they make look studying as a fun thing to do. But both the YouTube and Instagram channel also give so many practical tips on studying and being productive. This has really helped me over the last couple of years.

Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is a British graduate from Cambridge that I have been watching frequently for the last few months. He does not make videos on studying alone, but on being productive and getting disciplined in general. Ali uploads videos on his productive days very frequently and also makes many videos on tools (for example productivity apps) that make your life easier. What I also find very interesting are his videos on earning money on the internet. He tells the viewers how he does it and tips on how others could also make money online.

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is a popular American YouTuber who has made many very good videos. These are videos on studying in the most effective way, how to increase study motivation, taking notes, being more organized, being more disciplined etc. He has been making study videos for a while now, and his channel is full of videos that give very practical and useful tips for every student. Thomas Frank’s Website also provides many interesting articles that are very useful for students: College Geek Info 

My Favorite Educational Youtube Channels

Studying through videos is often way more fun than studying by reading a (boring) text. By visualizing the study material, it often becomes more clear and also interesting. There are educational youtube channels for kids, adults, middle schoolers, university students and actually everyone. I will share some of my favorite educational channels:

Crash Course 

Crash course is a very popular YouTube channel with many, many videos on history, math, media, business and much more, that make learning about a subject more fun. The subjects are explained with many pictures and animations so that you do not get bored.

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy provides videos on math, science, chemistry, biology, arts, computing, economics and actually almost every subject you can think of. The study material is very well explained and are very useful when studying for a test. Sometimes when I understood nothing at all in class, I would watch a video of Khan Academy on the same subject, and it would soon become much more clear to me.


AsapScience provided many interesting videos on all kind of subjects that are explained in a very playful, but still educational way. The videos are very well made and discuss lots of interesting and relevant topics.

Ted ed

Ted Talks are of course very popular, but did you know that they also provide a YouTube channel with almost 2.000 educational videos on all topics you could think of. Also these videos are very well made and spread many great ideas.

I also have my own YouTube Channel where I upload (motivational) study with me videos and tips on how to increase your productivity. If you would like to watch some study with me video’s, here is a link to the channel; study structure. 

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