Study Motivation

Motivation to study is crucial to be productive and getting things down. However, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to study. Therefore, I will give you tips on how to get study motivation to boost your productivity.

Setting goals
Setting goals is crucial to increase motivation, as you know what you are working towards and what you will achieve by doing the task. These goals can be short-term goals, as ‘I will study from 8 to 12 and 13 to 17 and then I can do whatever I like tonight’, but also long-term goals are important. For example getting your degree or exercising 30 minutes everyday. If you like to read more on how to set goals, you might like this article.

Thinking of the consequences of (not) doing something
When you keep in mind what will or will not happen if you (not) complete a task, you will increase your motivation. This can be simple as ‘if I get my work done today and tomorrow, I will be free in the weekend to relax, otherwise I have to work Saturday night’. However, this can also be more broad, as ‘if I do not study hard this month, I will have to retake this course next year, so I better study hard’.

Study with me
A fun way to get motivated to study is watching study with me videos. Although this often leads to procrastination, it can really motivate you at the same time.
My favorite StudyTubers: Unjadedjade, Ali Abdaal, Ways to Study. Also, live study with me’s have become a popular thing in the StudyTube world. In the past these videos have really helped me when studying for my final exams at high school, so I would certainly try it!

Reasons why to study
Remember why you are studying; you want to pass that test (short-term), you want to get your degree (long-term), you want to make yourself / your parents / anyone proud etc.
If you struggle with motivation, make yourself a list of (13) reasons why to study or look at the list I made below. If you lose motivation, just take a look at this, maybe it will help!

Examples of reasons why to study:

  1. To get your degree
  2. Make yourself proud
  3. Make your parents/family/others proud
  4. Passing the subject now can save lots of time to do something fun in the future
  5. To extent your knowledge
  6. Studying now will avoid (last-minute) stress later
  7. To make a change in your grade
  8. Just do it

Get yourself something to look forward to, in both the short and long term. In the short term, these are things like meeting with your friends or family, doing something fun, watching an episode of a series, movie, exercise, whatever!
In the long term these are often holidays; think about the freedom you will have in the winter / summer holiday. At my university, we have retakes in February and August. It really is a good motivation to think ‘if I study hard for this test, it will be less likely to retake it in February or August, so I will have a longer holiday!’

If you really lack motivation
5-minute trick: Starting is usually the most difficult thing. If you are in ‘the flow’ it becomes easier, but getting in there, hey, that is the struggle. Therefore, a trick is to just say to yourself; okay, only five minutes of studying, just five. You will see that once you have started, it is usually not as bad as you thought in advance, and maybe you will keep studying when those five minutes are over.

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