Staying Focused While Studying

You are sitting behind your desk and you have to study. However, you keep getting distracted every minute, meaning that only a simple task takes you way longer than needed. Being focused and concentrated while studying can be a great challenge, but all of us students want to know how to improve their concentration. I will give you tips on how to get focus more while studying so that you will get your work done faster.

Make a clear, realistic planning beforehand

It is firstly important to make a clear, realistic planning the night of morning before your study session, so that you know exactly what to do. In this way, you will avoid thinking while studying what to do next. Also, you know when you will be finished, which will increase your motivation to keep focused on your studying. You can make both a weekly planning and daily planning to have a perfect overview and optimal to do list.

Study Environment

Create an optimal environment for your study session. Less is more. Make your desk as empty as possible and only put the necessary study stuff on it. Have a enough space and keep it clean. To keep yourself from noice, noice cancelling are really useful. AirPods Pro for example are really good for this, although being quite expensive. Studying with music can also be a good way to keep focused, but this really depends on you.

Hide your phone

This is an obvious tip, but very important. Hide your phone in a different room so that it takes (too much) effort to go to your phone. It will surprise you how much time this saves to not scroll endlessly on Instagram and TikTok.

Block websites

You often need your computer for studying, but we all know that this will lead to watching YouTube and Netflix. There are different applications to block website like these so that you can not visit them for a certain amount of time. Also this will save you lots of time.

Take breaks regularly

Of course, you want tips on how to study as focused as possible and not get distracted, but it is crucial to take study breaks. However, plan these breaks and set a timer for them, so that you will overcome the challenge of getting back to work after the break. You can for example use the pomodoro technique for this.

Set goals and priorities

Setting successful goals and prioritize some of them will really increase your focus, as you work towards achieving them. Setting goals also gives more structure and therefore discipline in our life. These goals can be related to anything you want.

Reward yourself

Rewards will motivate yourself to keep studying and avoid getting distracted. For example, see to yourself that after one hour of focused studying, you can eat a chocolate bar or go for a walk outside. Rewards on the long term also work, for example working hard for a good grade on your exam, will reward you with a nice holiday.


Exercising is of course a great way to keep you physically fit, but also to keep you mentally fit. You can exercise as a break to release all the stress of the study session and to get charged for your next study session. Your brain and body will feel fresh again, so that you can work hard again!

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