Make Money Online as a Student: Starting a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a way of making money that will usually require (lots of) patience of you to actually earn some money from it.Lots of people are nowadays on YouTube every day, so the demand is large, but so is the number of YouTubers and videos. So, you have to be entertaining, creative and also lucky to actually get lots of viewers and subscribers. But when you have your audience, you could become quite (or very, looking at some YouTubers) rich by the advertisements and sponsorships. This makes it also an interesting way of earning money for students. Advertisements will make you earn passive income, meaning that you could earn money while doing something else, like studying. Today I will tell you how to start with YouTube, how to build an audience and how to actually make money from it on the long term.

How to start with YouTube

Creating a Youtube channel

First things first, create a YouTube account. his is the most easy step of all and only takes a few minutes. It is likely that you already have an account, but if not it is really easy to create one. Sign in on your Google account or create one first, go to the channel list, click on creating an account, fill in some things, and there you have your account!

Select a profile picture and banner

Okay, what is next? You want your YouTube account to look nice. So, create a simple profile picture and banner. There are various platforms on which you can make a banner, like Canva or Adobe Spark. If you want to start very simple, you can also just make it on word. And, keeping it simple is actually also better than making a banner with all kinds of pictures and texts. Less is more in this case.

How to build an audience

Find something innovative and creative

As you know, there are already so many YouTube videos and YouTube channels that it is hard to stand out. However, do not give up easily. YouTube is very, very popular and millions and millions of people are watching YouTube on a daily basis, so new content is always welcome. However, you have to be creative and innovative to stand out between all the videos. Look at your hobbies and interests, and find a niche in this.

Analyze your favorite YouTubers

This is an important step. Look at the YouTubers you are watching often. Why do you keep watching them? What do you like about them? What makes them special? I am not saying that you should copy those YouTubers, but there is nothing wrong with getting inspired. When you figure out what you like on YouTube, it is likely that other people will also like this. Look what works for others and which style you like yourself and combine those two to make people like your videos.
For example, I really like watching studytubers. I am getting inspired by them for both my study process, but also for this, StudyStructure. Looking at the trends in the studytube world and what their audience likes, I combine this with my own ideas into this website.


Consistency is key! All YouTubers have to start at zero subscribers and slowly have to build up their audience. When you consistently (once a week or a few times a week) post a video, your viewers and subscribers will slowly increase. There is a great chance that the YouTubers you are subscribed to also upload on a regular basis, keeping you interested in their content.

How to make money from your YouTube Channel


It is not unlikely that advertisements on YouTube videos bore you, but this is the way YouTubers make money from their videos. Also when you have your YouTube channel, this could make you, if you have a large audience, quite some money. But do not expect too much, certainly not when you are just starting. Nowadays, YouTube makes you have at least 1000 subscribers to start with advertisements before and during your videos. Then it will also not be the jackpot, at least not immediately. You will earn around $1 per 1000 views. 100.000 views is hard to get, so earning $100 is not as easy as it sounds. But with enough patience, consistency and creativity, there is a chance you will earn (lots of) money from your videos.


When you have a channel with, let’s say, 5000+ subscribers (maybe more, maybe less, also depending on your type of videos), there is a great chance that you will get approached by a company to collaborate. Then, you are promoting the company in return of money. This will generally make you more money than the advertisements. The more followers you have, the more you will earn. The influencer market is growing fast, so there are definitely opportunities here, also for you.

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