How to Study like and with Rory Gilmore – Study Motivation

Gilmore Girls has been a popular show ever since it was released in 2000. I am sure that many of us has watched it when growing up. The show is about the young mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore. Rory Gilmore is a driven, hard-working student, first attending a prestigious prepschool and then Yale. Although she has a bit of a downfall after season 4 (personally I do not like her in the last seasons), she is a true inspiration and motivation as it comes to studying in the first few seasons. In this article, I will tell and show you how to study like Rory and also how to study with her!

Study like Rory Gilmore

In my opinion, this is the ultimate study video to get motivated. It is a compilation of Rory being driven, hardworking, smart, good student and nerd, all at the same time. It is great when you feel unmotivated to study and will help you become more driven as well.

The next video below is short, but to the point and motivational. It shows the clip where Rory has been studying all night for her final tests in high school. Also the famous, inspirational and mainly relatable for students line is said in this clip; ‘who cares if I’m pretty, if I fail my finals!’. Could not agree and relate more. Furthermore, Rory shows her technique of studying, which is to constantly switch between three different subjects. Could be a bit confusing, but also a great way to not lose interest and concentration and get tired. 

Study with Rory Gilmore 

As studying online with others has become a trend over the last couple of years, videos containing Rory studying could not be missing. I have listed a few videos on how to study with Rory online. These videos are made by Study Beats, so go check that out! The videos include a Pomodoro timer, to make sure you take study breaks as well, which is definitely a huge benefit. 


If you are interested in studying with other (non-fictional) celebrities as well, you might be interested in this article on studying with k-pop idols/BTS. Check it out if you would like to!

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