How to Study like and with Hermione Granger- Study Motivation

Ever since the Harry Potter books were published and the movies came out, Hermione Granger has been a very popular character. She is known as being a very smart, intellectual and hard-working girl. Therefore, she is often seen as inspiration and motivation for people/students to study hard as well. Today, I will give you tips on how to study like Hermione Granger. Also, I will tell you how it is possible to study with Hermione Granger to get even more motivated.

How to study like Hermione Granger

Study at a well organized desk

First of all, the place where you study is crucial. Hermione studies at a well organized desk. Put the most important stuff there and nothing more, nothing less. Put a pen, notebook, your laptop and a book there and you’re done! Making your desk messy will only distract you. Less is more!

Ask Questions

As you can see in the books and movies, Hermione asks a lot of questions. Many people find asking questions awkward and uncomfortable, as they are afraid other people will think they are dumb. But nothing could be further from the truth. Getting your question answered makes you understand the material 9 out of 10 times better and thereby makes you better prepared for the exam. 

Turn studying into a daily habit

It can be hard to motivate yourself to study, especially every day. Hermione makes studying a habit: she studies all the time, everywhere and every day as a habit. Of course, taking breaks is important, but making studying a habit makes it easier to start as it is a routine. 

Read a lot

As becomes clear in the movies and books, Hermione reads a lot. This is very good in increasing your knowledge on all kinds of topics. If you want to know some tips on which books to read, I made a list of productivity books that you can check out if you would like to. 

How to study with Hermione Granger

You can even study together with Hermione Granger! Studying with her, will definitely motivate you. Check out this video in which you can study with Hermione Granger for almost two hours long with aesthetic music on the background. 

Furthermore, videos have been uploaded on YouTube in which you can study like you are at Hogwarts. In total, hours and hours of these type of videos are online, so you can study for a long time at Hogwarts! Check out these videos:

Good luck studying like and with Hermione Granger!

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