How to set up and use Notion

Notion is an increasingly popular productivity app and website to organize your life. It is free, gives your productivity a boost and has lots of possibilities. However, all these possibilities can feel overwhelming; where to start, how to set up and actually use Notion to organize your life as a student? I will give you tips on this and also show you some of the most useful Notion templates for students.

What is Notion?

Notion is a free note taking app and website to organize your life in a productive way. This tool allows you to make pages, tables and integrations to create your own online organization space. From making to-do lists, to organizing your classes, from writing all of your notes, to keeping your agenda; the possibilities and opportunities are endless. You can make your own templates, but also download ready-made templates (see some templates to download at the end of this article).

Setting up and using Notion


Installing Notion is simple: go to the website, sign in with your e-mail and then you have your own account. You can also download Notion as an app (for both Mac & Windows on all devices) so that you can also use it offline. Also this is free, but there are also premium options that cost 4 or 8 dollars a month. However, you will have enough when using the free option (in my opinion).


You start with your homepage; you can choose this to be whatever you want. On the home page, you can make a template yourself, import one or download one that someone else made. Setting up your home page is quite easy.  For example, you can make your weekly agenda as home page;


You add text by clicking on the plus. Then you have the option to add text, a header or a to-do list. You can also add a page to a page. For example, the day Monday can have his own page with all the tasks of that day.

Furthermore, you can add a cover image and some emojis to make the page more fun.



At the side bar, you can see which pages you have and easily add a page. You can organize these pages by swiping them, and listing pages within other pages. You also have options for the page to delete, duplicate, rename, copy and add it to favourites.



Database options

Besides the text options, there are also some database options. These are really useful and easy; you just click on them and you directly have a whole table, list, calendar, gallery or timeline



The tables in Notion are very easy to use. Of course, you can make rows and columns, but there are more options. This is an example of a table. As you can see, you have a lot of options within the table itself.


In the board option, you can make different columns of your tasks. These tasks can easily be swiped according to their status or phase; did you already started it or not, or is it already completed? This is very useful for projects, to have a clear overview of how far you are with separated tasks within the project.


The list option speaks for itself. With this, you can easily list your pages. When you click on for example the daily to do list, you go to that page.


Also the calendar option speaks for itself. This is a monthly calendar, which gives a good overview of your most important tasks, deadlines and tests that month.


Here you can see a timeline, which is a monthly calendar (similar to Google Calendar), in which you can put tasks related to different topics.

Notion Templates for Students

Daily To-Do List

Although a weekly planning is very useful, also the daily planning really helps to gives you an overview and increases productivity, as you have more structure of your day.

Download Daily Planner


Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda

This is a really good notion template for all students, as it gives you an overview of your whole week. You can write down the most important tasks of each day and the other things you have to do. In this way, you can prioritize what is needed to be done, and what you furthermore like to do. This template also provides some space for things you did not get done, so that you can do them next week.

Download Weekly Planner


Month Overview

Apart of the daily and weekly planning, also a monthly planning is very useful for a good overview. In this month calendar, you can plan your courses to see directly what is expected of you that month.

Download Monthly / Course Planner


Class Notes

It is really convenient to keep your notes stored at one place. It is also very useful that you can immediately see what class the notes are from, the type, materials and when created.

Download Class Notes


Course Schedule

Of course, it a good to know what your course will look like; when do you have your exams, when are the deadlines, etc. This template is really useful for it, as it provides columns for the names of the period, dates, type and topic.

Download Course Schedule


Campus life organizer

Campus life organizer is a template for all kinds of useful stuff to keep track off on college, like habits, budget, your goals, what you need to bring to college and job applications.

Download Campus Life Organizer

If you want to download more Notion Templates that are very useful (especially) for students, in this article I listed the best notion templates for students!

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