How to Find a Good Student Job + Best Job Ideas

Many students want to earn some money besides their student life, as they are broke or just to earn some extra money to be able to spend or save more. However, it is often not that easy to get a part time / student job. Therefore, I will give you some tips on how to find as a student and tell you some ideas on part time or student jobs.

How to find a job as a student?


As makes sense, finding a job starts with making a good CV. Lots of websites offer useful templates for CVs, like Tips for writing your CV is to keep is short and clear, write down your studies, experiences and relevant skills, like languages, excel and scientific computing. 

Search tools

Different tools on the internet are useful in finding all kinds jobs, among which student jobs. For students specifically, recommendations are Save The Student, Student Job and SimpleHired. 

Use social media, online networking

Networking is often not very fun to do, and can feel a bit forced, but online networking is nowadays a very good way in finding a job. You could join online discussion groups and of course, make a profile on LinkedIn. Lots of companies place their job offers on Linkedin, which means that there actually is a great chance that you can find something fitting there.

Tell people; family, friends, everyone

This seems very obvious, but still is crucial. Tell everyone who wants to hear that you would like to work at someplace new. All the student jobs I got where a result of recommendations of friends and family. And one year ago, someone was telling me about his job and as I showed much interest in it, he sent me the job offer a few months later when they were looking for new people. Thanks to him, I got the job, which I am very grateful for. So, talking with friends, family and other people could really get you a (good) student job! 

Ideas for student jobs 

Working at university

You are a student at university, so finding a job at your university could be way easier than you would think, as there are several jobs you could apply for. You could become a teaching assistant, tutor, give tours around campus work, work in the cafeteria, etc. I have given a tour around my university to high school students a few times, and I liked it a lot. Many of the people I know at university actually have a job there, varying from being a teacher assistant to giving campus tours on a regular basis.

Delivery rider / driver

Ordering food and all kinds of stuff online is nowadays very, very common, so more and more delivery riders and drivers are needed. Depending on the job, you could deliver on a bike or by car, which is a simple, but nice part time job.

Selling notes / summary

This is a win-win situation for every student. Making notes and/or a summary is a common thing to do when being a student, but lots of students are also too lazy or do not have time to do it on a regular basis. Take advantage of this, by making good and understandable notes and a summary, that you can sell when finished before the exam. Promote it by texting your friends and/or other people at college. You can also sell them online, for example at Study Soup.

Bar / restaurant

The classic part time job, as a bartender, assistant to the cook or dish washer in a restaurant or bar. Although it can be more tough than you think (standing all the time, being friendly all the time), it is also really fun, as you meet lots of new people and can become close with your colleagues. I have worked in a restaurant for a few years, and it was really fun with my coworkers and they really became my friends after a while, meaning that it felt less like work.


For many studies, you have to do an internship for a couple of months as part of your degree. This could be paid or not. Apart from that, you can also do a voluntary internship in summer, to make some money, but maybe even more important, develop useful skills. You have to be a bit lucky, and it can be hard to find a good internship, but the right internship could learn you a lot and meet inspiring people, to prepare you for the future.

Start your own business

Starting a business has been very popular since the last couple of years, and not without any reason. It can be very efficient and nice to be your own boss and work hard to expand your business. Coming up with a good idea and preferably a niche is difficult, but if you are dedicated, skilled and a bit lucky, your business could become big and make you earn lots of money. Ideas for starting a business are becoming a photographer, social media manager, video editor, graphic designer, accountant, virtual or personal assistant, providing (online) courses, a marketing copywriter, and much more.


TaskRabbit is a website on which you can make a profile to do all kinds of tasks. It is especially big in the United States, but also growing in Europe. You could do projects like painting a house, cleaning, help moving, delivering, planting flowers and whatever people are demanding. It is an easy and accessible tool for everyone to help someone, while earning some extra money.

Making money online

There are nowadays lots of ways to make (some extra) money online: filling in online surveys, audio transcription, starting a website, podcast or YouTube channel, selling stuff online and much more. Some ways will not make lots of money and others require (lots of) patience before it is a good source of income, but the internet is nowadays a great way to make money. If you want to know more, I wrote an article on the best ways to make money online as a student.

Becoming a teacher

Lastly, teach something you are skilled in! You can teach your own language to foreigners, show how to play an instrument, or example how to solve difficult math or physics questions. Everything is possible! A good website you can use to teach languages is iTalki, in which you get connected to a student who wants to learn, for example, English.

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