Creating an Efficient Morning Routine & My Morning Routine

Starting the day well increases productivity the rest of the morning and in an ideal situation, the whole day. An efficient morning routine makes a good start of the day a habit. Therefore, I will give you some tricks and share my own morning routine.

Tricks for creating an efficient morning routine 

The simpeler the morning routine
Morning routines do not have to be complicated and/or long. Actually, the simpeler and shorter, the better! You do want to have a good start of your day, but not spend too much on it. Keep it simple and optimize your time.

Set your alarm 10 minutes before you think is needed.
It is easy to be too optimistic about your morning and how much time you wil need to get ready. In reality, you will almost always have less time than you think, and therefore those 10 extra minutes will be more than welcome. Also, 10 extra minutes sleeping does not really matter, but 10 extra minutes in your morning can be a saver.

Set a really annoying and loud alarm
(if your room/housemates do not bother).
This wakes you up immediately and will avoid snoozing, as you do not want to hear it ever again. Personally, I get a little heart attack every morning when my alarm goes up and it directly wakes me up.

If you are dedicated: but the alarm and/or your phone not besides your bed, but further
This requires you to go out of bed immediately. This really requires some discipline, but is a good way to save time in the morning.

Limit phone time in bed
Of course, checking your messages, Instagram, reading the news for a short time to wake up does not matter, but you quickly waste a lot of time on your phone. If you want to watch some YouTube videos, do this while making / eating breakfast and/or making yourself ready for the day. Multitasking in this case is efficient and fun!

Do some stretches/exercises
A bit of movement directly after you went out of your bed wakes your body up. This can for example be a few stretches, 1 minute planking, a few yoga poses, 20 push-ups, 15 squats, or whatever you want!

Do not skip breakfast. 
-Eat breakfast as an energetic start of the day. Also, try to avoid work while eating breakfast to start the day in a more relaxed way.

My morning routine 
I always wonder how Youtubers are able to have a long morning routine every day and filling a video of 15 minutes of it. A video of my morning routine would be boring, as it usually goes as follows (but remember, the simpler, the better!):
– Getting a little heart attack from my alarm on my phone
– 10-20 minutes on my phone, while slowly waking up. When I set my alarm the evening before when calculating how much time I need, I always take  20 minutes to wake up into account.
– If I am going out to university/friends/student job/something else, I will choose clothes, do my hair and make-up, but if I will just stay home, the clothes part is enough.
– Drink coffee. I really need this to wake up properly.
– Make and eat breakfast, while watching YouTube or reading something. I eat porridge with apple, cinnamon and linseed every morning.
– Brush my teeth, and pack my bag, or if I will study at home, clean my desk.

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