Productive Evening Routine on University

Productive evening routine

Ending the day well with a productive evening routine leads to a better feeling of the whole day, it can improve how you sleep and therefore increase your productivity the next day. I will give you some trick on a good, efficient evening routine and share my own.

Tricks for creating a productive evening routine

Plan evenings without studying
Of course, at university/school studying in the evening can be necessary, but especially when you have studied all day long, doing something fun is also quite necessary. If you exhaust yourself in the evening with studying too, this can decrease productivity the next day. Try to find a balance and meet up with friends in the evening, exercise, watch a movie, have a bath, etc.

‘Relaxed studying’
A bit of studying after dinner is fine, but try to do this in a relaxed way to avoid feelings of stress, as this can lead to less sleep and weird dreams.

Plan when you quit studying; do not study too long and do something fun
After dinner, say to yourself, I am going to study until 20.00/21.00/22.00 or another time, after that I will watch Netflix, Youtube or do something else unrelated to studying. This gives structure and a time to work towards

Plan the next day 

Take a good look at the following day. If you did not make a planning/to-do list, make it now, or if you already did, complete it. Take a look, is there something special, did you already prepare anything? Also try to find something to be excited about the next day, so that you will feel more positive. If you would like to download a template on daily plannings, click here. 

Go to bed around the same time (most days)
If you go to bed the same time almost everyday, your body will get tired around the same time and you will ‘waste’ less time on your phone in bed and.or not being able to go to sleep

My evening routine

I do not have a special, interesting, long evening routine (does this say something about me or about the ‘average Youtubers’? mmm). Often, I like to meet up with people in the evening or go exercising. When I am not (or sometimes after), it usually goes like this:

– Have a shower (usually right before or after dinner)
–  Study and or working on Study Structure, and in the meantime/in breaks watching YouTube/Netflix/reading random sites (just a bit chilled)
– Look at my planning for the next day and make it complete. What is the day looking like? Anything special?
– Quit studying, and watch some YouTube/Netflix until I start to get (really) tired. I do not like to go to bed when I am not tired at all; I hate the feeling of lying in bed with my eyes closed, but not falling asleep.
– Brush my teeth, remove make-up, do my hair in a braid
– Go on my phone in my bed until my eyes get tired. I know it is better to not go on your phone before you go to sleep, but to just read a book or something, but yeah.
– Sleep (usually between 23.30 and 00.30)

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