My Bullet Journal

In the last year of high school, I tried bullet journaling for five months. I watched some videos of beautiful, creative bullet journals and I thought, let’s try it. My bullet journal did not contain beautiful drawings (or like, drawings at all), I used it as agenda/diary, to-do lists and habit tracker (although I did quit the habit tracker after a few months realizing every day was pretty much the same)

After those five months, the summer holiday began and then I started university, which in the begin was pretty much socializing/partying/drinking, so I did not restart bullet journaling again. Although I really did enjoy it and it certainly helped with being structured and productive, it does take creativity and time. However, when you are a creative person who likes to draw and combines this with structuring their life, I would really recommend doing this.

This is the bullet journal I used:

I used it for both a monthly and weekly planner. In the monthly planner, I wrote the most important dates and I kept a habit tracker. Furthermore, I graded every day on the monthly planner. On the weekly planner, I wrote all my tasks that I could mark when I had finished them. This was a great way of motivating myself to do everything. I also kept track how long I spend on every subject. For every 10 minutes of studying, I wrote down a cross. Also this was a very good way of getting myself to work hard. Maybe even too good, as looking back on it, I spend lots and lots of hours studying and I kept pressuring myself to study a lot of hours every day. On the other hand, because of it I stayed a disciplined student, most often passing with good grades.

I have to say, in the time that I used my bullet journal, I was the most productive I have ever been. This is also due to the fact that it was in the period of my final exams on high school. As I was convinced that I would fail or pass with bad grades (insecurities on high school, you know it), I worked very hard. Eventually, I passed with good grades due to my hard work, on which my bullet journal certainly contributed. So maybe it is a good idea to reuse it. I am still productive, but it was certainly a good way to discipline myself.

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