Benefits of online studying

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Studying online and online university actually has a lot of benefits compared to physical education. Of course, the whole reason of COVID-19 why studying online has become way more usual is in no way positive. But nowadays, also apart from COVID-19, more of the study process takes place online. Therefore, it is good to (partially) look at it at a positive way.

Benefits: Online studying 

Less travel costs and also less travel time
Not going to university actually can save a lot of time and money for some students, who do not live near the university. Besides, saving travel time can also be seen as sustainable.

More opportunities to adapt it to your ideal learn environment
Unfortunately, you have limited options in where to study as lots of places are closed. Also, some study places ( especially your bed) could decrease your productivity. But still, you have the freedom to study wherever you would like to!

You have more freedom in when to study
This can be seen as both an advantage as disadvantage. One the one hand, it requires more discipline. On the other hand, you have more freedom to study at the moments you feel most productive and motivated. For example, if you are a an evening person, you have more opportunity to study online in the evening.

Contributing to your time management in a positive way
Following the previous advantage, the flexibility of online studying can contribute to an improvement in your time management.

Developing more self-discipline
The fact that most of your studying takes place in your room, requires more self-discipline. Your bed is near you and it easily gets boring. Therefore, online studying is a good opportunity to develop more self-discipline. Above all, the skill of having (lots of) self discipline, is always going to be very useful.
If you struggle with self-discipline while studying from home; you might want to read this article on productive studying form home. 

Online courses

Concerning following online courses, apart from university:
More variety in the possibilities of online courses.
Literally everything can be studied on the internet through courses, both free and not; the opportunities are endless

Better opportunities to adapt it to your way of learning
Because of the large variety and possibilities of following online courses, you can adapt to yourself. You can chose the online course and follow it based on how you study the most effective. 

You can do it as an ‘extra’
If you have some free time beside university, school work or whatever that you want to spend more productive, you can do an online course as an extra. This will expand your knowledge, which is always a good idea. 

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