Aesthetic Notion Templates for Students 2021

I already wrote some articles on Notion before, as I really like the tool and as it has become clear that Notion is  a very popular productivity app & website. It is a very good tool to organize your life as a student, but also after university when working for a company. Notion is already used a lot by students, as it is a free app and website boosting your productivity. As Notion can feel a bit overwhelming with lots of possibilities and templates, the most aesthetic Notion Templates for students 2021 are listed here. These Notion templates can be duplicated so that you can use them yourself!

I also wrote an article on how to set up and use Notion, and the 11 most useful Notion templates for students. Check them out if you want!

Student Planner 

An organized student life starts with a planner.  On Notion you can download all kinds of students planner.  This is an aesthetic planner you can use as a student. 

Download the Notion aesthetic planner here

If you would like more old schools planners, you can check out the planners I designed; the daily planner and the weekly planner

Student CV

Of course, you are at university or college to get a degree to get a job. Although this seems to be far away, life goes fast. So, it does no harm to make your CV and prepare for the job. Also when getting a student job, you have to show your CV very often. This notion template can help you creating a good student cv. 

Download the Notion Student CV here

To Do List

Making a to do list is an important part for students to be organized and productive. A realistic, so not too ambitious to do list will help you giving structure to your study day. This notion template looks pretty and aesthetic, but will also be very useful in creating a to do list.

Download the Notion To Do List here 

College lectures and notes 

Nowadays, it is very normal to type your notes during college lectures on your computer. But it often happens that these lecture notes are not structured at all. Notion can help you with structuring your notes. This template is especially useful when you want clean notes on your computer. 

Download the college lectures and class notes template here 

Course Guide 

To be organized as a student, a clear view of your course is crucial. This template is simple and aesthetic and will help you with organizing your course through outlines, schedules and resources. 

Download the aesthetic course guide here.

(Student) Book list 

Reading books is often a big part of lots of studies. Therefore, a student book list can be very useful. In this Notion template, you can rate your student books, write a short summary about each of them and their key learnings. 

Download the student book list here 

Here I listed the best books for students on productivity, motivation and getting successful. 

Grade calculator 

Whether you like it or not, whether it is a good system or not, grades are crucial college, school and university. Therefore, a grade calculator is not unnecessary as a student. This Notion template helps you calculating your grades and which grades you have to get to pass a certain course. 

Download the grade calculator template here

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